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Golf in the USA: San Francisco, CA

In this edition of our Golf in the U.S.A. blog series we round up the best public-access golf courses San Francisco, CA.

Ultimate Guide: Best Cigars for Golf

Cigars so good you'll have a great time on the course even if that slice creeps back into your game.

All-Time Pro-Am Golf Teams

The success of any pro-am format depends very little on the actual talent of the pros or Joes involved, and much more...

Golf in the USA: Austin, TX

This is the first post in our Golf in the U.S.A. blog series. This series will round up the best public-access golf c...

How to Break 80 in Golf

Breaking 80 in golf is a milestone most golfers set their eyes on from day one. Let's examine 4 ways to reach this a...

Tips for Golfing During COVID-19

We're fortunate that we all can still enjoy the game we love, albeit with a few precautionary adjustments.

USGA Distance Report 2020

Like baseball in the 90s - golf is juiced and here's why something should be done.

Fury Launches 2020 Performance Golf Polos

Fury Golf is excited to announce the release of our 2020 men's golf polos. Learn about the designs.

Best Winter Golf Drills

9 golf drills to practice this winter at home, the range or simulator.

Tiger Woods Golf Quotes to Live By

When Tiger Woods speaks, people tend to listen. Here are our top 20 quotes from the Big Cat.

5 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

The best golf balls for average golfers balance quality, performance and price. These are our top 5.

The Transfusion: Golf's Greatest Cocktail

The transfusion is a true golfer's cocktail. Learn how to make it, then learn to love it.
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