Golf Stance and Ball Position Tips


Golf stance and golf ball position changes can be overwhelming. Move the ball forward, move the ball back, where should your body be in relation to the ball? When you're in the moment on the course, these questions can get your mind racing and the wrong answers can lead to poor shots.

Making adjustments to ball position is vital to properly striking the golf ball. Making ball position changes specific to the club you are using will change the impact positions and launch angles of your shots to get the right ball flight for each club. The result? Better golf shots, fewer big misses and better scores.

Below we've highlighted ball position adjustments and proper golf stance positions for irons, driver and putter. Take the time to know and understand them and they'll become second nature in no-time.

Golf Stance and Position for Irons

Ball Position for Irons

Your ball position for iron shots should be center for wedges and short irons, and forward of center for mid and long irons.

  • Feet should be in line with hips and shoulders.
  • Shoulders, hips, thighs and feet should all be parallel.
  • Arms should hang comfortably (roughly 6 inches from thighs)
  • You should have a slight shoulder tilt. For right handed golfers, the right shoulder should be slightly lower than the left shoulder.
  • Golf club shaft should be angled between belt buckle and left pocket.

Golf Stance and Position for Driver

Ball Position for Driver

Your ball position for driver shots should be forward and lined up off the instep of your lead foot.

  • Feet should be just outside of the hips.
  • Arms should hang comfortably (roughly 6 inches from thighs).
  • You should have a shoulder tilt.
  • Sternum and head should be lined up behind the ball.

Golf Stance and Position for Putter

Ball Position for Putter

Your ball position for putts should be in the middle of your stance.

  • Eyes should be position directly over the ball.
  • Shoulders, hips, thighs, and feet should all be parallel.
  • Arms should hang comfortably under the shoulders.
  • Forearms should match shaft angle.
  • Shoulders and feet should be in line with hips.
  • Club shaft should be pointed slightly left of belly button.


Do you use these position changes in your game? Do you have a different approach to hitting different clubs? Let us know in the comments, below!

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