Ultimate Guide: Best Cigars for Golf

Ultimate Guide: Best Cigars for Golf

If you love golf and you love cigars, this is the guide for you. We teamed up with the cigar enthusiasts at Noble Custom (@thenoblecustom) to curate a list of exceptional cigars to keep in your golf humidor. Whether you play at the local municipal or swing the sticks at a country club, we’re confident that in this article you’ll find the right cigar for your taste and wallet.

Now, sure - you could just swing by the pro shop for a last minute stogie but you don’t need a blog post, let alone an Ultimate Guide, for that. This guide is for those of you who want to enjoy unique and premium cigars that will be as much of an experience as your 18 holes of golf. That way, even if that slice creeps back into your game, you’ll still have the satisfaction of a great cigar to fall back on.

What Makes a Cigar Good For The Golf Course?

When we think about what makes a cigar good for a round of golf, we are mostly evaluating 3 aspects of the cigar; size, construction and strength.


Length matters here because of the amount of tobacco you’ll need to cover you for a round of golf. Sizes we recommend are; Churchill, Toro/Toro Gordo, Salomon/Didademas, Double Corona. These are longer, and sometimes larger ring gauge cigars to enjoy for a couple of hours. You will notice though that the same cigar blend in a different size (or vitola if you are a “snob”) will produce a very different experience and some cigars might be better in their smaller counterparts. We tried to stick with sticks that perform at these sizes as well.


You’re going to be out on the course, in the elements, while you chomp and place and toss your cigar around. Needless to say, you’re going to need a cigar that is well made and sturdy enough to hold up. We tried to stick with a range of high quality producers that ensure a consistent smoking experience.


Strength comes down to personal preference and nicotine tolerance. Some of the cigars on this list are much stronger than others. Know your tolerance and choose accordingly. Pro Tip: if you’ve got an early tee time or you’re playing between breakfast and lunch on an empty stomach avoid the strong stuff. The majority of the Connecticut wrapped ones that made the list should be on the mild to medium side, and perfect for any time of day.


The 27 Best Cigars for Golf

Our top 27 cigars for the golf course range from economical to premium and super premium. These cigars will set you back anywhere from $3 to $30 - so take your time reading the descriptions and comparing sticks. Also, unless otherwise stated, we linked to the exact length and gauge we recommend. 

Cigar Accessories for Golfers

  • Windproof lighter: Bring a torch, folks. You don’t want to be out there with a soft flame or matches, especially if mother nature isn’t cooperating. We recommend a Xikar or Colibri torch lighter if you're fancy, or one of these Eagle's if you're just looking for function.
  • Clip: Not a fan of laying your cigar on the ground? Hate smoke in your face while you're trying to sink a putt? Grab yourself one of these handy golf cart cigar clips.
  • Travel Case: As we outlined in our Top 5 Non-Golf Items Every Guy's Bag Should Include, a cigar travel case is never a bad idea.

Cigar Etiquette for Golf

  • Do ask your riding partner (assuming you are sharing a cart) if they mind you lighting up a stogie.
  • Do offer your riding partner a cigar as well.
  • Do be mindful of wind direction when near other players. You do not want your smoke to be blowing in their face while they making a shot.
  • Do not ash on the green.
  • Do not set your cigar down on the cart - it will burn.
  • Do not put your cigar out and leave it on the course.

Have you enjoyed any of the cigars we recommended in this post? Do you think we nailed it, or are we missing the perfect stogie? Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and, as always - check out our latest collections for your golf apparel needs.



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