Top 5 Non-Golf Items Every Guy's Bag Should Include

Top 5 Non-Golf Items Every Guy's Bag Should Include

A man's golf bag says a lot about him. From the type of bag you use (cart, stand, carry, staff), to the colors and brand you select - each decision is a reflection of who you are both on and off the course. It's important if you’re into appearances and not simply utility.

With that being said, I would argue that what’s even more important is what's inside the bag (and we're not talking about your clubs, here). The truth is, the non-golf items you keep stocked away in your bag can sometimes make all the difference in how much you enjoy a round of 18 holes.

Below we've outlined the top 5 non-golf items we keep in our bags at all times.

5 Non-Golf Items to Keep in Your Golf Bag

1. Koozie, $5

Koozies can be a life saver on the course. If you're shelling out $5 for a canned beer, the last thing you want is for that glorious brew to turn lukewarm before you can finish the damn thing. Keep a koozie in your bag to make sure the ol’ swing lube stays cold.

What I use: my 2018 U.S. Open Koozie

2. Cigar Travel Case, Cutter & Torch Lighter, $30

I'm a big cigar guy, and love enjoying a cigar on the course. To make sure I'm always prepared, I keep a small cigar travel case in my bag. The hard shell keeps cigars intact and protects them from dry heat, and the case is also large enough to fit a torch and cutter.

What I use: Xikar case, Eagle torch, any cheap cutter

3. $20

I rarely carry cash. I get crap for it all the time and I've basically made no effort to change this habit except for the $20 I always keep in my golf bag. If you're like me and rarely carry cash, that $20 will come in handy - whether it's to pay at the halfway house because their card machine is busted, or tip a bag boy.

What I use: U.S. currency

4. Bag Flask, $7

As I wrote about here, the bag flask is a sacred item in my book. Never head to the course without it.

What I use: this simple, reliable flask I received as a groomsman gift. 

5. Mini Advil, $4

If you use the $20 from #3, to buy beers for your koozie from #1, to enjoy while you smoke your cigars from #2, then move on to your bag flask from #4 - you may develop a headache. I like to keep some ibuprofen in my bag for all aches, pains, and early onset hangovers.

What I use: this tiny Advil Liqui-Gels bottle


So, do you agree or disagree? How many of our 5 items do you keep in your bag? Let us know in the comments below.

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