Top 15 Golf Hacks for Average Golfers

Top 15 Golf Hacks for Average Golfers

If you play this game enough you're bound to come across some interesting golf hacks. Golf hacks are tips and tricks that make your life easier as a golfer.

Some hacks are picked up along the way using common sense, while others are little secrets that might be shared by a random single in your Sunday group. Either way, hacks are fun to learn and helpful to use.

Here are our 15 favorite golf hacks.

Top 15 Golf Hacks for the Average Golfer

1. Spray It

Use powder spray (like Dr. Scholl’s) on club heads to see where you are striking the ball. This is great any time, but especially helpful on the driving range.

2. Find Your Groove

Use a golf tee to clean club grooves. Grooves filled with dirt flatten the face and impart less spin on the ball. Spin gets the ball up and also helps it hold the green, depending on the ball, so get cleaning!

3. Stay Dry

If you’re carrying two clubs and need to set one down to take a shot, prop it up on a divot repair tool or tee to keep your grips clean and dry.


4. Perfect Alignment

Use the safety seal from a sports drink bottle (such as Gatorade) to draw a perfectly straight alignment line on your ball. Better alignment = straighter putts.

5. Flip a Coin

Use a two-sided golf ball marker on the green and always mark your ball using the same side. Only flip the marker if you need to move your mark for a playing partner’s line; the upside-down marker will serve as a reminder to remark your ball in its original place after their turn.

6. Hold a Smoke

Tee boxes are full of chemicals, dirt and pesticides so don't just toss your cigar down when you're teeing up. Use a spare tee as a cigar holder to keep your stogie clean.

*If you need golf cigar recommendations, we've written about 27 here.

7. Plant a Flag

When (rarely) searching for your ball in the thick stuff, drop your hat to mark the location of the ball once you've found it. This will save you time (and confusion) re-locating the ball when you circle back from the cart with your club.

8. Align Your Drive

Use driveway markers (commonly found at Home Depot) as alignment rods. They serve the same purpose as those flashy alignment sticks and go for a fraction of the price. 

9. Take Note

Write down your go-to swing thoughts on your phone’s Notes app. Keep the list short and consult the notes whenever you need to mentally regroup.


10. Fix Your Divots

If you don't have a divot tool it doesn't mean you should ignore course maintenance like an animal. Use a tee to fix your damn divots.

11. Make a Quick Getaway

Park the cart where you want to be walking off the green or tee (not 30 yards away). It will save you time and it’s also proper etiquette for the group behind you.


12. Bag 'Em

Keep a reusable shoe bag in your car trunk to store dirty shoes after a round. 

13. Save a Club

Avoid losing your approach club by always bringing your putter cover with you to the green. When you remove the putter cover to putt, place it beside the approach club so you can't miss it.

14. Speed Dry

Golf shoes wet after a round in the rain? Pack your shoes with newspaper to draw out moisture and speed up the drying process.

15. Have a Mint, Save a Life

Repurpose a used Altoids mint tin as a golf bag first aid kit. Altoids tins are light, compact, and the perfect size to store essentials such as bandages, tape and aspirin.

BONUS: Pour One

Having a rough round? Order a double Transfusion or Bloody Mary to put the pep back in your step, golfer.


We hope you find these hacks helpful the next time you head out to the course or practice range. Let us know how they go for you and if we missed any of your personal favorite golf hacks, let us know in the comments, below!

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